Wedding Trends

If you're planning your wedding - we found out what people are craving for this year. Take a look at some ideas to make your weddings POP.

The trend this year is still towards smaller weddings.  With more intimate gatherings, food options really expand.  Most people are passing on the big multi-course meals and opting for a more fun and unique dining experience.

We are starting our cocktail hour with custom mixed drinks served with a popcorn pairing.  Two of our favorites are: Sweet tea, sweetened even more with peach preserves and lemon juice. And of course, spike it with bourbon paired with our Chocolate Tide, Caramel with Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt.  The next is the French 75-Gin and Prosecco, lemon juice and simple syrup paired with Marilyn Kettlecorn with White Chocolate and Coconut. 

Treat younger guests to cute individual milkshakes with a variety of popcorn flavors. The key is individually packaged treats. 

Comfort foods are ideal for night-time snacking – think sliders, nachos, cheesy bites and tacos. Add a mix of sweet treats to balance out the savory.  Popcorn is ideal for both categories.  It is the perfect late night snack to keep the dance floor Popping. 

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