National Caramel Popcorn Day

National Caramel Corn Day is quickly approaching! This is the time when we celebrate the greatest inventions in snack history: caramel corn. This delicious treat has been tantalizing our taste buds for decades.

Have you ever stopped to wonder about the history of caramel corn? Legend has it that caramel corn was invented by a mischievous chef who accidentally spilled some caramel sauce onto a batch of popcorn. Instead of throwing it out, he decided to give it a try and voila! Caramel corn was born.

Since then, caramel corn has become a staple snack at movie theaters, carnivals, and even in our own homes. It's the perfect combination of sweet, crunchy, and chewy. It's so good if we are not careful, we might finish an entire bag and we're left wondering where it all went.

Do you want to indulge in the best caramel corn out there?  You will need to head to Las Vegas. That's right, folks. The best caramel corn in the world is popped right here in Sin City. Maybe it's the bright lights or the hot weather, but something about Las Vegas just makes our caramel corn extra special.

So, as we celebrate National Caramel Corn Day, let's raise a bag (or two) to the mischievous chef who invented this delicious treat. And if you want to really do it right, come to Las Vegas and indulge in the best caramel corn in the world. And don’t worry, the sugar high is a lot better than a hangover. 

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