Celebrating National Caramel Corn Day

There are many varieties of corn but only one that POPS.

Popcorn has been enjoyed for thousands of years. The idea of sweet popcorn started with Kettlecorn. Kettlecorn, the sweet and salty popcorn snack most likely originated from European immigrant farmers in the early 1700's. They would cook the popcorn in their Dutch ovens with lard and sugar to provide a sweet treat.

In 1893 Frederick and Louis Rueckheim came up with the idea to cover popcorn with molasses to sell at the World Fair in Chicago. The molasses made the popcorn too sticky but after the brothers worked on the texture, it became a huge hit. In 1924 Orville Reddenbacher invented the machine that would pop out individual pieces of popcorn as fast as up to 100 pieces per minute, now what we call modern-day popped kernels became more accessible for everyone.

At Poppedlv Caramel corn remains one of our most popular flavors. The crunchy, buttery, salty, and sweet corn treat is an addicting indulgence that can't be passed up.


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